Review Policy

As you can see from the blog, I read and review a wide range of genres.

If I can get my hands on it, I will read it at some point.  The only two exceptions to this rule (so far) are erotica and self-help, which I do not accept for review.

I accept books from publishers, marketers, promoters, authors, and people who just want to give me stuff.

I am currently not accepting self-published books. I do accept some e-books, although I prefer hard copies.  I also do not participate in book blitzes, cover reveals, promotion-only posts, or general marketing campaigns.  I only post book reviews and only after I've read the book completely.

If you need your book reviewed by a specific date, please let me know in advance. Unless I make specific arrangements with you, I cannot guarantee a time frame in which I will post the review. 

Please note that I review all books based only on my personal, honest opinions, so I can't promise a good review - but my taste is generally pretty broad.

Very rarely I come across a book I am unable to finish. In that case, I cannot guarantee a review or feature will be posted, as I can't recommend or not recommend a book I haven't completed.


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