About Book Hooked Blog

I started Book Hooked Blog in 2009 after falling in love with the blogs of girlfriends on my online book club (the frequently-referred-to Nesties).  This is an eclectic blog that reflects my wide range of interests.  I read and review all kinds of books and also frequently post on book-related topics.  Once a month or so I try to post something more personal about me and what's going on in my own life. 

Book Hooked Blog doesn't have a numerical rating system.  I think it's too hard to use numbers or stars to evaluate a book.  There are usually many different factors I take into consideration.  Sometimes a book can be well-written but boring.  Other times a book can be poorly written but engrossing.   So I have my own review system, not based on scoring but based on two criteria: writing and entertainment value. Each book review will have two sections.

The first section will analyze the writing and give a recommendation as to whether the book is written well.

The second section (the MST3K section) will discuss the pure entertainment value of the book, keeping in mind "it's just a book, I should really just relax".

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  1. Can I subscribe to your blog through e-mail?

  2. So glad to have stumbled upon your blog through TLC! I'm a pup mom only, too (though I'm not quite brave enough to have two Great Danes). Looking forward to going through your archives.

    1. Thank you so much Shannon! I'm headed to check out your blog now!