Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Goals and Plans for 2017

I've been promising to do this post and talk about my goals for a while now, and I need to just sit down and do it.  I'm a big fan of setting goals and having an idea of what you want your life to look like in general as a way to guide your every day decisions.  That said, I have a tendency to be a bit rigid when it comes to anything that could be interpreted as a rule, and, as the last year of my life proves, you never know what's coming and flexibility is a necessity.  I'm trying to make fewer goals this year and also make those goals broader.

Reading Goals
I have to say that I'd be disappointed to read less than 100 books in a year, just because I know what I'm capable of and I think that's a minimum.  Outside of that, I'm not going to obsess over a number.  I barely made 101 in 2016 and that was ok.  I hope to do more this year, but I'm not going to set a goal that places stress on me to achieve anything more.

My main goal for reading this year is enjoyment only.  I'm not going to worry about keeping up with reviews or even accepting books for review without much more consideration than I've given in the past.

I also want to be quick to put down books that I'm not enjoying for any reason.  Along with the goal of putting things down quickly if they aren't inspiring me or entertaining me, I want to also keep a record of what I'm putting down and why I'm putting it down.  That should help me look back over what I haven't enjoyed and make better choices in the future.

Read all of Shakespeare.  Yes, all of it.  Even the histories.  I've got a schedule and I'm starting a bit behind, but I think it's very achievable.  I haven't read Shakespeare since college and I'm super excited about getting back in touch with the Bard.

Life Goals
It's weird to come up with life goals with only myself in mind for the first time ever, really, as an adult.  I could literally try to do anything.  I'm keeping it simple in this area too, though with two main goals.  The first is to try to say yes to new opportunities, especially social opportunities.  Make new friends, try new experiences, meet new people, and be open to anything.  I want to say yes to new foods, new friends, new movies, and new experiences of all sorts.

My second goal is the exact opposite.  Say no.  Say no to things that take up time and space that I don't have to give or want to give and that don't bring joy and life to me or to others.  Say no to going and doing and making myself too busy to enjoy the experiences I'm saying yes to.  Say no to buying things I don't truly need and cluttering my (tiny) new home and space with things that are distractions from what matters.

Did any of you set any goals for the year?  I'd love to hear about them!


  1. I hope you enjoy 2017 and definitely let this be the year of Self Love. You may enjoy the book The Year of Yes, especially if you enjoy Grey's Anatomy.

    My main goal is to complete a series, if I love it just read it.

    I learned to give up on books faster now. It is a freeing decision.