Monday, January 9, 2017

2016 Recap in Statistics

This is a tragic post to write because my reading statistics for 2016 are at an all time low.  I had some really rough reading months.  I kept thinking it was a phase and I'd pass by it, but it really was just an eight or so month slump.  During the worst of it, I read only one or two books a month.

I did try a few new things this year in terms of keeping up with my statistics.  I continued to use my Google Docs spreadsheet, and I've also created one for 2017 that you are free to borrow.  I also downloaded the Modern Mrs. Darcy printable reading journal and started keeping a handwritten list as well.  I like handwriting and this gave me a spot to make some notations about who I read with and who I recommended to and anything else special about the experience.  I plan to do the same again in 2017.

The Basics
Books read in 2016: 101
Pages read in 2016: 25,798
Hours spent listening to audiobooks in 2016: 193 hours and 20 minutes, or approximately 8 days.

Best reading month in number of books: February
Worst reading month in number of books: September
Best reading month in number of pages: June
Worst reading month in number of pages: September

Male authored books: 28
Female authored books: 73

Adult Fiction: 32
Adult Non-Fiction: 29
Poetry: 1
Young Adult: 16
Graphic Novel: 23

Most frequently read subgenres: suspense/thriller, memoir, contemporary YA, and graphic adult non-fiction.

Ebook: 21
Hardback: 21
Paperback: 26
Audio: 23

Spent on books I read this year: $8.00
Amount I would have spent had I purchased each book: $1,176.96
Money saved by using the library, reading what I own, and reviewing: $1,168.96

Chattanooga Public Library: 59
Work Library: 5
Review via NetGalley: 18
Review via publisher: 4
Review via TLC: 7
Own: 5
Borrowed: 2
Given: 1

I don't do ratings on my blog, but I do give ratings on Goodreads, so these are the results of the star ratings I give out on Goodreads.  I gave one book one star, fifteen books two stars, twenty-two books three stars, forty books four stars, and twenty-two books five stars.

I continued to track books that fell into the category of what I'd consider "nothing" books.  Books that were neither good nor bad but were just completely unmemorable in any way.  This year was about the same as last year, with 15 total "not worth my time" books.  At right about 100 books, I maintained my 15% miss rate from last year, but it feels worse when I read half as many books.  I did DNF quite a few books this year, although I did a poor job of keeping track (see my goals post later this week for some ideas I have about this).

Hopefully 2017 will be a better and more fruitful reading year, but I'm not displeased with how I ended my 2016.  I think it wound up on a good note with some great books and I'm excited about what the next year has in store for me!

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  1. That's a lot of reading and listening. (Very cool!) You by far outpaced me in reading...but I managed more hours/days of listening. I do a lot of listening while driving.