Thursday, September 8, 2016

Book Review: Do Your Om Thing by Rebecca Pacheco

Do Your Om Thing: Bending Yoga Tradition to Fit Your Modern Life
From Goodreads:
Yoga, Meet Life.

Sometimes an hour-long yoga class is the only chance we get to connect meaningfully with our bodies and our minds during a week otherwise full of work, family, and the daily grind. Have you ever wondered how would it feel to bring that experience of awareness and calm out of the yoga studio and into your everyday life? After all, we know that practicing yoga can give us a leaner body and more sculpted limbs, but isn't its most important benefit the way it makes us feel?

In Do Your Om Thing, master yoga teacher and creator of the popular blog Rebecca Pacheco shows us that the true practice of yoga is about much more than achieving the perfect headstand or withstanding an hour-long class in a room heated to 100 degrees. "Yoga is not about performance," she tells us, "it's about practice, on your mat and in your life. If you want to get better at anything what should you do? Practice. Confidence, compassion, awareness, joy—if you want more of these—and who doesn't?—yoga offers the skills to practice them."
I fell in love with Pacheco's writing from the first paragraph - she's intensely relatable and down-to-earth.  You can tell she's got a background in blogging from how personable her writing style is.  It feels like having a conversation with a friend, which is exactly the right tone for this kind of book. Pacheco's entire point in writing the book is to take a more relaxed and personal look at yoga and her tone reflects that perfectly throughout the book.

Entertainment Value
This is exactly what I was looking for and it came at exactly the time I was looking for it.  I've been needing a book that teaches the basics of the philosophy of yoga in a way that isn't dictatorial.  I'm never going to be the yoga practitioner who takes it all super seriously.  I'm very science minded and practical and a lot of the stuff that goes along with the typical yoga practice isn't going to be for me, but that doesn't mean I don't want to know what the philosophies behind yoga are.  This is the perfect book for anyone who isn't ready for whatever reason to jump onto the stereotypical yoga bandwagon but still wants to know about the practice and what it means.

I highly recommend this to anyone who has an interest in or passion for yoga but who hasn't quite bought into the culture surrounding yoga for whatever reason.  It's a very open minded and easy-going look at what's happening in the world of yoga now and in its history that doesn't pressure the reader to adopt any of the beliefs personally.

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  1. I love the sound of this. I'm currently reading Strala Yoga by Tara Stiles.

  2. I'm glad this book was such a great fit for you! Thanks for being a part of the tour.

  3. I'm so glad you like it! I want to get in to yoga soon, but like so many things in life, I don't want to get in to the whole yoga culture. I think approaches like this bring more people to a particular discipline than being, like you said, super dictatorial about it.