Friday, January 29, 2016

How to Be Alive: A Guide To The Kind of Happiness That Helps The World
In How to Be Alive, Beavan shares his insights on finding the path that’s right for you. Drawing on everything from classic literature and philosophy to current science, and combining that with his own experiences alongside those of the many people he has met along the way, Colin explores a broad array of transformational lifestyle adjustments—small and large—that offer security and meaning in a world confronted by ecological crises, economic upheaval, and ongoing war and social injustice. In the process, he helps readers embark on the quest for a “good life” of their own—lives both better for them and the planet. 
I'm kind of on a self-help kick lately, but I've been focusing more on books like this one that are less traditional.  I love that Beavan is looking for a plan that not only provides individual happiness, but a plan that also helps the other people who share our space and the world as a whole.

No complaints at all - Beavan is obviously a skilled journalist and has experience writing both memoir and inspirational-type non-fiction.  He does a great job of integrating information from a wide array of sources, including various religions, works of literature, and history to find what works best from each tradition.  He's able to incorporate all of these in ways that remain respectful to the beliefs of the tradition he's drawing from, but also apply to a wider audience, which I appreciated.

Entertainment Value
At almost 450 pages, it's a bit dense for a self-help book.  There's a lot of information and sometimes it does feel repetitive and/or generic.  One of my pet peeves is the use of "self help" lingo and this does fall into that trap sometimes.  That said, those are really personal preferences of my own.  I think it's a great guide to living in a way that honors who you are as a person and your own goals and aspirations, but also honors the people we live with and the world around us.  I really appreciated that emphasis on being a person who isn't just striving after personal happiness.

I recommend it to those like me who are enjoying the wide array of non-traditional self-help books currently on the market and to those who are looking to make some life changes in the new year.  It's always great to be in a place of newness and inspiration at the beginning of the year and Beavan provides that.  My only hesitations are in the length and the fact that some of the information could be better condensed.

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  1. I am one of those people who likes positive tips and ideas at the start of the year. Thanks for the recommendation and for being a part of the tour!