Thursday, January 21, 2016

Coloring Book Review: Cats in Paris by Won-Sun Jang

This gorgeously illustrated adult coloring book draws readers into the secret world of cats in Paris as they explore the city's most famous (and feline-friendly) spots.

Say bonjour to the cats of Paris as they slink through its fabled streets and alleyways, from Montmartre to the Shakespeare and Company bookshop and into a feline-filled land of playful imagination. Featuring intricate pen-and-ink drawings of tabbies, Persians, Siamese, and more, this evocative coloring book’s frisky kitties lie in wait for your colorful stylings.
I can't remember how much I've talked about on here, but I have fallen into the adult coloring craze totally and completely.  I'm obsessed.  Like, half of my Christmas wish list this year was coloring-related.  So I jumped at the chance to review this beautiful book about cats and Paris.  I mean, the cat on the cover even looks a little like Pompom.  How could I say no?  Prepare yourself for an onslaught of images - this post will have a lot.

This is the current work in progress, begun last night.  The black and white Pompom-esque kitty is our host on a guided tour of Paris, which is adorable and features all the traditional tourist spots...including...

Shakespeare and Co.!  Cats, Paris, books.  I probably don't need to post more, but I will.

About half the book is devoted to images of cats around Paris and the other half is full of images like thiese one with various patterns and cats and cat-related things.  I've had my eye on a set of watercolor colored pencils that I think will be the perfect pair for this style of art.

"My name is Pompom and I approve of this coloring book."

If you're a fan of books, cats, and coloring, you must get yourself a copy of this one.  It's earned a spot on top of my coloring pile!

Thanks to Blogging for Books for providing me with a copy to review.