Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Goals and Plans

I'm not a big one for making resolutions, but I try to always have some general idea of what I'd like to accomplish each year.  If When I fail, it's easier to find motivation to pick myself up and try again if I'm not breaking a resolution, just having a pit stop on the road to reaching my goals.  Here's what I'd like to accomplish in 2016:

In reading:
  • I've set my goal this year at 150 books.  I read more this year, but I want to start with reasonable expectations.  I'll bump it up if it looks like 150 is too easy.
  • Keep going with the Penguin Drop Caps series.  I made it through D last year, which wasn't quite what I had set my goal at.  This year I'm lowering from one a month to one a quarter, which worked well for me last year.  As I get to some of the shorter books, I may aim for more, but I'm starting with Middlemarch and want to give myself some space to take it slowly.
  • Read 25 books that I own as of today.  I'm continually astonished at how few of my own books I read, especially given the number I own.  Instead of setting an unrealistic goal for myself, I'm going to say twenty-five.  That's enough that I'll need to read a little more than two a month, which I think is a pretty attainable goal.
In blogging/book club
  • As always, continue to stay on top of reviews and books I've received from publishers.
  • Don't let the above goal rule my reading life.  It's great to be on top of things and get all my reviews posted quickly, but I don't want to let that dictate how I read.  I want to give myself a break in 2016 and read as eclectically as I feel like.
  • Don't read anything I just don't want to read, even if it's for book club.  We changed club to make things fun, and I want to spend this year embracing our "no rules" rule.
In my personal life:
  • Practice yoga consistently
  • Make some major diet changes - less sugar and carbs, more protein and vegetables
  • Try  new things
And, because I love seeing everyone's yearly goals and plans, here are a few from the CYOA ladies to get you inspired:
  • Read all of the books I've borrowed
  • Read more diverse authors
  • Read books I own
  • Pare down my book collection
  • Discover new authors
  • Get a library card
I'd love to hear your own goals and plans for books and life in 2016!

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