Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2015 Recap in Statistics

I don't think I'm the only reader out here in blogland who would claim to have a particular fascination with statistics and spreadsheets, especially those related to reading.  So last year I created the ULTIMATE READING SPREADSHEET.  It tracks, I kid you not, everything.  It took me hours and hours, and I did it all just so that I could post all of my data here for you.  

AND, because I love you, I'm going to post a link to the 2016 spreadsheet here that you can copy and use for yourself if you are so inclined - just be sure to actually copy it and not just fill in the blanks on MY copy.  Also, don't sell it or anything.  But share it with anyone you want.  I love free stuff and I love sharing stuff I made - but I also love credit, so, you know, link back to me and all that fun stuff.  If you can figure out Google docs and blogging, you know how to give proper credit.  Enjoy!  And enjoy my stats post, compiled from the spreadsheet!

The Basics

Books read in 2015: 202
Pages read in 2015: 58,884
Best year ever!!!  Yay me!

Best reading month in number of books: March
Best reading month in number of pages: June

Male author: 77
Female author: 125


Adult Fiction: 96
Adult Non-fiction: 80
Poetry: 4
Young Adult: 22

Most frequently read subgenres: graphic novel, speculative fiction, suspense/thriller, memoir, and contemporary YA


Ebook: 70
Paperback: 39
Hardback: 57
Audiobook: 36

Hours/days spent listening to audiobooks: 362 hours and 45 minutes, or approximately 15 days


Spent on books: $90.93
Total cost if I had purchased every book I read: $3066.26
Money saved by reading free (library/review) books: $2975.27


Chattanooga Public Library: 36
County Public Library: 39
Free Library of Philadelphia: 21
Library where I work: 8
Review (Netgalley): 57
Review (Publisher): 17
Review (TLC Book Tours): 13
Own: 6
Borrowed: 3
Gift: 2


I don't rate books here on my blog, but I do on Goodreads.  I gave three books one star, nineteen books two stars, fifty books three stars, 87 books four stars, and 43 books five stars.  

I think, however, the best way for me to tell whether or not I had a great reading year is not through star ratings but through my own private and completely subjective rating system of "was it worth it?"  At the end of each year I scroll through my spreadsheet and highlight books that, could I go back in time, I'd tell myself not to bother reading.  

The books that fit the "not worth it" designation aren't necessarily the worst books I read.  Sometimes books I hate are worth it for the scathing review I get to write.  Books that get labeled "not worth it" were usually neither notably good or notably bad.  If I can't remember the plot or the characters, that's usually a good indication the book wasn't worth it.  

In 2015, I marked 31 books as not worth the read.  It felt like a lot as I was marking, but given that I read 202 books in 2015, it comes out to roughly 15%.  Honestly, that's a number I can live with.  When you read a huge variety of authors and genres, you're going to find some that just don't do anything for you.  It worked out to 2-3 misses each month out of a total of an average of 16-17 books per month.  Obviously, I'd love to report zero "not worth it" books, but I'm happy with my number this year.  I think it reflects good reading choices for the most part, as well as follow through on my continual resolution to stop reading boring books.

Alright, that's it for my yearly stats.  If you posted any on your own blogs, I'd love to see them or hear about them in the comments!


  1. I'm going to use this spreadsheet. You are really into details and I love it! :)

  2. Thanks for the spreadsheet. I may tweak it to fit what I track. I realized I was more generous this year with my 5 star reviews because in the past I hardly gave any out. I think I'm going back to being more stingy this year since when I looked back they were not necessarily my favorite books.