Friday, December 18, 2015

Best of My Non-Bookish 2015

So many awesome things happened in 2015, I felt like I needed a little recap post just to show off some of my best moments and turn you on to some things you might want to try out that aren't necessarily book-related.

My personal favorite moments of the year:

Seeing some serious yoga progress!

Getting a fancy new car!

Trips to see these precious friends!

Ben Folds concert with my honey

Time to love on these sweet boys

Hosting my family's first Passover Seder

Adding this little lovey to our family
Blessing of the Animals at my church

Some fun new hobbies and interests:

I started volunteering this spring with the Southern Literature Alliance and have enjoyed every minute of every event I've helped with. If you're in the South (or love Southern literature), you need to be a part of this.
Coloring for grown-ups!  I'm all about this and have a post planned to highlight my favorites after Christmas.  Most relaxing hobby I've found other than yoga.

Image result for dutch blitz
Dutch Blitz.  I used to play this non-stop in college and we rediscovered it randomly in Barnes and Noble.  My entire family has spent all year playing this obsessively.

The arrival of Starline Books here in Chattanooga!  We finally have an independent book store and if you live anywhere nearby, it's a must-visit,  

Image result for escape experience chattanooga
We've also gone to this twice since the summer and my family is obsessed.  It's such a blast and a great way to spend an hour having fun and interacting - a much better option than sitting through a movie or having another family dinner!  This one is local, but they're all over the country, so do some looking and find yours.

What are your best non-book experiences of 2015?

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