Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Choose Your Own Adventure Club (Adventure 6: Villains You Love to Hate)

Almost all of us fell in love with Erin Bow's villain Linay when we read Plain Kate for last year's FYA Book Club.  He's so perfectly conflicted and sympathetic but also a horrible person.  He was the inspiration for the Choose Your Own Adventure category "Villains you love to hate" and I think we came up with some great options.

Courtney and I both chose The Library At Mount Char.  I'm not sure that you could really consider any of the characters in the book anything other than villains, but they're also all, to some degree or another, sympathetic at some point.  Read my review (linked above) for more details.

Stephanie read The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, about a girl who becomes a "fixer" for high school students, like her older sister and guardian is a "fixer" for politicians.  Stephanie compared it to a combination of Scandal and Veronica Mars, which sounds pretty intriguing.  She loved it and highly recommend it.

Since we didn't read a huge variety of books this time, I thought I'd include Goodreads links to a few others I've read in the recent past with lovably horrible villains:

Next week I'll finally get caught up on these by posting our October choices for Classics.  What would you add to our list of books with villains you love to hate?

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