Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Choose Your Own Adventure Book Club (Adventure Five: Things in the Water)

I got way, way, way off course with posting these over the summer.  The CYOA Book Club still met and we still discussed lots of fun books, but I forgot to post about them.  So, I'll be posting one a week between now and December to try to get back on track.  Pretty images will be back in December, until then you'll have to make do with my grabs from Goodreads, because I've got SO MUCH BLOGGING to catch up on, I don't have time to make pictures.

Adventure Five's theme was, honestly, my favorite so far.  We read about things in the water - anything from beach vacations to sea monsters (obviously).  Sea monsters are my true love and any time I want a good genre read, particularly one with lots of gore and/or ridiculous plot elements, I turn to sea monsters.  So, obviously, that's where I went with this one.  I chose:

This one, featuring a Loch Ness monster in the US, gets a big, fat do not read.  It's really awful.  So awful that even as much as I love some cheesey horror I couldn't get on board with any part of it.  It's just terrible.  It's bad 90's YA.  Maybe the worst 90's YA.  Avoid.

So sad to have to write that this is another do not read.  It's about flesh-eating manta rays that evolve the capability for flight.  So they're flying sea monsters.  It sounds right up my alley, but unfortunately it was not enough horror and way too much attempt at poor character building through terrible dialogue.  Everyone tells each other EVERYTHING they ever think in stilted language.  There's way too much dialogue and not enough people being eaten.

And a third, which was actually completely enjoyable.  This one is about enormous squid who develop a taste for human flesh.  Lots of drama, lots of horror, traditional characters you'd expect from the genre - basically exactly what I wanted.  I listened to this one on audio and thought the narrator did a fine job.

I was the only one who chose the sea monster route in this set of books.  Courtney went with:
Mermaid style romance with an, ahem, adult-appropriate twist.  This is a series of interconnected stories about love and loss and comes pretty highly recommended, with the caveat that it is for grownup eyes only.

And Stephanie read:
This is about a college student who is one of only five survivors of a crash landing in the Great Lakes.  She's a competitive swimmer and is left with only a teammate and three young boys as they try to survive in the wilderness.  Stephanie gives it four stars and recommends it although the "reveal" ending was a bit anticlimactic for her.  

What books would you recommend on the theme of "things in the water"?

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