Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Something Cute in the State of Georgia

That's right, Reader Friends.  Something cute has happened in the state of Georgia.  And that cuteness is...


"Hi, my name is Pompom and the tiniest little ball of fluff that's ever lived"

Luke surprised me last week by coming home with this sweet little baby.  He's five weeks old and was found in a long-term-stay hotel that was recently condemned. 

Lots of families were thrown out in the middle of the night and over fifty animals were found in the hotel.  Some were pets that had to be surrendered by owners who were made homeless and unable to continue to care for them.   

 Others were strays living in and around the building.  We're not sure if Pompom was a stray or a pet, but he came to the shelter without a mama cat despite being such a young kitten (he's five weeks old). 

He was barely weaned when we got him, but he's doing great on a diet of kitten formulated wet food and has learned how to drink out of a water dish.

He came with fleas and a stomach parasite, which meant antibiotics and lots of baths.  He's way too little for any flea medication or even flea shampoo, so for his first few days he got daily baths with special shampoo.  After his bath, he'd snuggle up to his new mama on my heating pad.

He's becoming increasingly curious and loves to poke around in everything.  He likes to follow me from room to room and play around my ankles, but he's so tiny it's hard for him to play with any real toys.  He has some string he bats around and a little piece of plastic that used to be a razor cover that are functioning as toys until he gains enough weight and size to play with actual cat toys.

And he's a big fan of books, of course.

He still sleeps a lot, which makes him perfect for our family of sleep-loving people and puppies.  Our nightly ritual involves him rubbing all over my face before settling in to a comfy spot on my neck for sleep.  

I don't have any pictures of him with the little boys yet.  We've introduced them and the dogs are terrified.  We only let them be in the same room when Pompom is on the bed and they are on the floor.  They're so scared of him I doubt they'd bite him, but I'm still worried that they might accidentally step on him.  Once he's a little bit bigger we'll try supervised meetings with him on the floor.

If you want to follow Pompom's progress, follow me on Instagram!  I'm posting lots of Pompom pictures right now, and I promise they are adorable.  My link is on the right sidebar!

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