Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mini-Review: Style Me Vintage Home and 1940s Fashion

Celebrating the perennial interest in incorporating vintage flea-market finds into interior schemes, this book is a feast of retro inspiration. With practical information on how to identitfy and source original vintage homewares, there is also plenty of inspiration on how to style your rooms according to your favored decade, whether it be the 1920s or the 1970s. There's also plenty of advice on how to mix eras and incorporate vintage into contemporary schemes. This book will provide a sourcebook of inspiration to all those hungry for nostalgic design. From ideas for display (fab 1960s artwork, kitsch figurines, retro plates, and crockery) to larger furniture finds (1950s sideboards, classic fabrics, reupholstered armchairs) see how vintage design can be made to work today.

From Goodreads:
The next book in the successful 'Style Me Vintage' series is designed to inspire re-enactors and all those vintage aficionados who admire the classic looks of the 1940s. This beautiful and accessible book looks at how to source and put together 1940s outfits – from how to create the elaborate hairstyles and how to apply the correct make-up to sourcing the right accessories and authentic clothing, even undergarments. Featuring beautiful original photography, as well as inspirational vintage images, this beautiful book offers plenty of tips on getting the details right. Whether you are a fan of the make-do-and-mend looks of the wartime years, or a latter-day glamourpuss wishing to emulate the New Look styles of the post-war era, this book will inspire. 
Despite my own complete lack of interest in developing a personal style, I still find a lot of joy in flipping through style books.  I'm also a huge fan of vintage items, even though it's not something I'm drawn to for my own clothing or home.  Paging through any well-formatted and photographed style book will always interest me, as does historical fashion and home decor.  So the Style Me Vintage series is a perfect way for me to spend an hour or two of free time.

Both of these books are incredibly well-researched.  They contain a lot of history about how and why certain styles evolved.  I was particularly interested in the effects of World War II on fashion in terms of rationing and changing styles.  I loved that both of these books go into those details, rather than just providing images.  That's not to downplay how well this is put together though.  The pictures are a blend of modern reproduction and photos from the time period itself.  It's beautiful to look at and fun to read.

If you're a fan of fashion or home decor, or you're interested in the historical details surrounding the clothing and home styles of the past, this is a perfect choice.  For those who are interested in acquiring vintage pieces, each book includes a list of sources for purchasing both vintage pieces and reproductions of vintage pieces.  You'll also find information on antique shopping, hair styles, and makeup.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a copy of these to review.

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