Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Comics Bonus: Alone Forever by Liz Prince

From Goodreads:
Liz Prince, author of the world's cutest relationship comic, "Will You Still Love Me If I Wet the Bed?," returns with a new comic about being - gasp! - SINGLE. Finally bringing her popular webcomic to printed form, Alone Forever explores the joys of flying solo, free to focus on what really matters: comics, punk rock, and cute boys with beards. Drawn in Liz Prince's ultra-charming style, filled with self-deprecation and cats, there's something for everyone to relate to in this celebration of self-reliance in the age of OkCupid.
I review web comic collections on here as often as I'm able, and was thrilled to see this Liz Prince collection show up on NetGalley.  I haven't had the chance to read her most well known work, Tomboy yet (still bitter about the holds policy at GA Pines libraries that requires me to wait six months before putting a new release on hold), but it looks right up my alley.  I considered this a chance for a little preview and it certainly made me anxious to read more.

If you've ever felt unlucky in love, you'll identify with this collection of cartoons about single life, breakups, and rejection.  It sounds a bit depressing, but honestly Prince's sense of humor makes this absolutely delightful to read.  It's one I'll be on the lookout for to add to my print collection and one that I'd recommend to everyone.  The experiences Prince writes about are universal enough that anyone can identify with her romantic struggles.

And just in case you're looking for something a little bit more romantic for Valentine's Day, don't forget the web comic collection Soppy that I recommended back in November.  It's less funny and more adorable and focuses on the nicer side of romantic relationships.    

Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a copy of Alone Forever to review.

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