Monday, January 19, 2015

Bookish Ephemera Review: Silhouette Masterpiece Theater Postcards by William Staehle

These two adorable postcard books arrived courtesy of Quirk Books and the Silhouette Masterpiece Theater.  Each book has thirty hilarious postcards around the themes of Americana and Romance.  Who doesn't need sarcastic postcards featuring our Founding Fathers?  I'm not even kidding, my main problem has been deciding who will appreciate each card the most - they are absolutely hilarious.  These are my favorites from each set, but you can click here to see the Silhouette Masterpiece Theater website and get an idea of the author/artist's work.   

I'm super excited about these and think you should be too - especially if you're a bookish friend whose mailing address I have!  I've got a stack to send out this week, when I can force myself to part with them.

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