Thursday, January 8, 2015

2014 Recap in Stats

One of my favorite parts of the reading experience is compiling my reading stats and keeping a pretty detailed spreadsheet throughout the year.  I save up each month's reading until the first day of the new month and then enter all the data into my spreadsheet.  And I enjoy it way too much to ever be considered cool.  The best part comes at the end of the year, when I get to tabulate all the data and examine what I've spent my year reading.  You may find this completely and totally boring, but I'm sharing it anyway. 

General Stats: 

Books read in 2014: 181
Pages read in 2014: 50,700
Average books read per month: 15

That makes this the best reading year I've had in terms of both books read and number of pages read since I started keeping a record in 2009

My best reading month in terms of pages was August (5816) and in terms of books was June (24 books).  My worst reading month was September in both pages (2472) and number of books (90).

Audiobooks listened to: 15
Hours spent listening to audiobooks: 138 hours and 15 minutes, approximately 5.75 days.

Most books read by one author: 11 - Brian K. Vaughn.  Reading Saga and the Y: The Last Man series gave both Vaughn and my numbers for graphic novels read a pretty big boost.


In these, I use the Barnes and Noble website's current price listing for the format in which I read the book.  I count any books I purchased in 2014 towards the "amount spent" but I do not count any books purchased prior to 2014.  I've also added the $50 yearly membership fee for the Free Library of Philadelphia to my "spent on books" total.

Retail cost of books I read: $2598.73
Amount I spent on books I read: $99.68
Amount I saved by reading books I bought in previous years, review copies, and library copies: $2499.05!  I totally deserve a reward for this right?  Like more books? 

So where do all these free books come from?
My local public library: 52
Free Library of Philadelphia; 41
Gifts: 1
Already owned; 3
Review: 70
  • Edelweiss: 1
  • NetGalley; 37
  • Simon and Schuster:7
  • TLC: 14
  • Other publishers: 10
Genre Stats:
Fiction: 126
Non-fiction: 55

As far as genre-specific breakdowns go, I used way too many options this year.  I need to figure out a way to be less specific, because I wound up with about 36 genres represented, many with just one or two books.  So instead of listing them all, I'll just list the most popular.

Graphic Format (novels, comics, histories, etc): 35
Thriller: 17
YA: 17
Short Story: 14
Memoir: 11
Cultural Studies: 10

Format Stats
Audiobooks: 15
Ebooks: 75
Hardbacks: 40
Paperbacks: 40

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  1. Wow, that's awesome you read so many books! I don't keep track of the number. I used to do it for the summer when I was younger, but I tend to forget!