Monday, December 8, 2014

Best Comics and Graphic Novels of 2014

The story itself is beautiful and heartbreaking and immensely relatable, a story of finding, losing, and regaining faith in new ways.  And, of course, a love story.  It's also a treasure in terms of the artwork.  Gorgeously done, all around.  

My first Batman comic and I loved it!  It's dark and intriguing and takes Batman's story in such a unique direction.  I loved seeing how his obsessions played out as he reached middle age and how his choices move from the heroic to the potentially pathological.  

I totally fell in love with this series.  It's the first truly lengthy comic I read in installations, so it took me much longer than a collection like The Dark Knight Rises.  Drawing it out over the course of a month or two made for a different, but not unpleasant experience.  I'll eventually need to own and reread it in its entirety of course.

A great work that fits into both historical and fantasy genres.  This tells the story of China's Boxer Rebellion from both sides, with a heave dose of magical realism.  Excellently done in terms of both the writing and the art.

I cannot stress enough how funny this book is.  If you're a lover of history or literature, Beaton's blog and the collected web comics in this book are required reading,

I don't usually read comics or series that are not released in their entirety because I have no patience, but I made an exception for this one.  And I'm SO glad I did because it was amazing.  If I were a teacher, particularly in middle school or high school, I'd have to figure out a way to work it into my curriculum.  

First of all, I want to be sure to point out that this is NOT actually a graphic novel.  There's no overarching story-line or plot.  It's a collection of web comics about being in a relationships and it is, as the title tells you, soppy.  It's full of sweet vignettes that anyone with a significant other will recognize from their own lives and it's so full of warm fuzzies I can barely stand it.

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