Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Best Audiobooks of 2014

You had to know that since I finished Harry Potter for the first time this year it would make at least one list.  And because I listened to Jim Dale narrate, it made the audio list as well as the YA list.  It's brilliantly done and I highly recommend listening to the entire series on audio if you haven't already.

Just like Bossypants, I know this one is going to earn a spot on my shelf in both print and audio formats and will be something I return to again and again.  I absolutely loved every second of it and Poehler does an amazing job with her narration.  

This YA title is bizarre and hilarious and heart-warming in all the right ways.  I loved the myriad ways it related to life in your late teens/early twenties and all of the changes that you go through, while still being completely original and quirky and a blast to listen to.

Fascinating and compelling study of how our mental illness relates to mental illness and trauma experienced by others in the animal kingdom.  It was completely engrossing and well-narrated.  I recommend it to all animal-lovers and those interested in psychology.

This is one you can expect to see again on my speculative fiction list, because I absolutely loved it.  It's absolutely heart-stoppingly terrifying.  It was full of "driveway moments" where I couldn't get out of my car until I found out what happened next.  It could be considered post-apocalyptic or science fiction, but I think it best falls under the category of horror because it will leave you breathless with fear.

Absolutely all the love in the world for everything Rowell writes, and this is no exception.  A beautiful story of a marriage and how it evolves and changes over time.  And the narration is perfect. 

And, of course, I must include the full cast production of Shakespeare classics presented by Folger Shakespeare Library and Simon & Schuster.  They are so well done and make perfect companions for reading the plays or listening to on their own.  It would also be a great way for teachers to engage students in reading the plays while listening.  


  1. My favorite audiobooks that I came listened to this year:
    Origins of a D-List Supervillain (the prequel to Confessions of a D-List Supervillain) by Jim Bernheimer
    Hard Luck Hank: Screw the Galaxy by Steven Campbell

  2. Noggin and Bird Box are on my to-read list. I had no idea about Bird Box until my friend read it and now I see it everywhere. I can't imagine hearing it on audio. Scary!

  3. I really liked Bird Box too. I didn't listen to the audio but I can imagine it would be awesome and intense!

    Tanya Patrice