Friday, December 12, 2014

Best Adult Non-Fiction of 2014

I'm not a huge reader of foodie books, because I'm definitely not a foodie, but I am intrigued by the more bizarre things that people find to eat, and I'm glad I tried this one.  Thoroughly enjoyable and will appeal to foodies and non-foodies alike.

One of my first five star reads of the year, this one just blew me away.  I love books that really wrestle with moral/ethical dilemmas, and this is nothing if not an ethical gray area.  It's the true story of patients who were euthanized by doctors and nurses during Hurricane Katrina as an act of mercy.  Absolutely fascinating and heartbreaking.

The only poetry on my list this year, and I know it's a pretty cliche choice to go with Collins, but I like him, so you can just take your poetry snobbery to another place.  I'm very defensive about Billy because he's one of the few contemporary poets who makes sense to me.

Why yes, I do love diagramming a good complex sentence.  Dr. Susan Wink taught me well, and this book delighted every part of my grammar-loving brain.
Recommended by my favorite new author this year, Roxane Gay, this book has totally changed my ability to space out in front of mindless reality TV.  It took me a while to work my way through it but it was fascinating and brought up so many good points that I hadn't considered before.

Another in a genre I don't typically read but absolutely fell in love with.  This is a great in depth look at four women who played an important role in the Civil War.  It reads like a novel, but is so well-researched and documented.

I loved this sweet memoir about the time Mills was able to spend with an aging Harper and Alice Lee in their hometown.  It had some controversy surrounding it, but it didn't take away from the sweetness of the story and the insider's glimpse of the small Southern town that inspired the setting for To Kill A Mockingbird.

If you're at all interested in reading, psychology, or the way the brain works, this is an absolute must-read.  I can't believe I still don't have a copy on my shelf, but I plan to rectify that as soon as possible.

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  1. I live near New Orleans and I'm so saturated with Katrina news. I often thought about what I would do in that particular situation in the hospital. I think I'll put that book on my to-read list.

    I'm not interested in the Civil War (guess I should be?), but I'd love to read about women spies during the war.