Friday, August 8, 2014

Comics Friday: Alex + Ada by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn

From Image Comics:
From Jonathan Luna (Girls, The Sword, Spider-Woman, Ultra) and Sarah Vaughn (Sparkshooter) comes Alex + Ada, a sci-fi drama set in the near future. The last thing in the world Alex wanted was an X5, the latest in realistic androids. But when Ada is dropped into his life, will Alex keep her? This will beJonathan Luna’s return to comics after three years off since the end of The Sword!
 I really hate to even post this, because it makes for two negative Comics Friday posts in a row and I really want to write about a comic I've loved.  Thankfully, I should finish the Y: The Last Man series and have that ready to review next week.  Unfortunately for this week, Alex + Ada was a real dud for me.  The writing was stilted and the dialogue was completely unbelievable.  In addition to being unnatural, the way it was written made it hard to follow speech between characters.  And there was way too much of it, overwhelming the images.

Entertainment Value
In addition to having unnatural dialogue, the story itself needed work.  It has a great premise, but it moves so slowly, with so little action, that I found myself bored.  I felt like huge chunks of awkward dialogue could have been removed and replaced with action.

I'm going to give the artist the benefit of the doubt and say that the pictures looked the way they did because of my computer screen.  But I think that's being generous.  I was unimpressed with the artwork.  It's not bad, but it's also not good.  Like the characters, it reached for realism, but fell just short enough to be awkward to look at.

Meh.  I won't be continuing the series and it's not something I'd recommend.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a copy to review.

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