Monday, April 28, 2014

Book Review: Aimless Love by Billy Collins

This will not be my usual book review, because, as you can see from a quick look around the blog, I almost never review poetry.  Actually, I just did a quick review and found only one other instance of a poetry review.  It's just not something I'm super into - I let my brother, a poetry professor, take care of that for all of us.  My exceptions to the rule are poets like Collins and Giovanni, who write easily accessible poetry. This collection comprises selections from other books published over the last ten years combined with some new poems.

I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this collection.  I read a few poems every night in an attempt to stretch myself and celebrate National Poetry Month, and I feel like this choice was a total success.  Collins has such a great sense of humor and is just a delight to read.  The ease of reading and fully understanding his poems makes them ideal for a poetry neophyte like myself.  I highly recommend this as a starting point in appreciating and enjoying poetry, if, like me, you're unaccustomed to the form.

To close, I'll let you watch this video of Collins reading his poem "Lanyard", which you can find in this collection, and which made me laugh out loud:

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