Saturday, February 1, 2014

What's Making Me Happy This Week (11)

So you've probably all seen that the South was put completely out of commission by a winter storm this week.  I was home from work Tuesday through Thursday, which was a blessing and curse.  By the time I left the house yesterday to go to Starbucks and a church dinner with Sugar Bear, I was losing my mind.  I don't know how you Northerners stand being cooped up.  And I didn't even have kids to entertain!  Bless you all.

You should also know that I used my time at home to do almost nothing productive.  I worked on getting my etsy shop ready to officially open a bit, and I did some needed cleaning, but the majority of my time was spent lazing around.  The good news is, all of my lazing gave me good What's Making Me Happy This Week ideas!

Oh man.  I had a documentary BINGE.  I'm going to do full (or at least mini) reviews of everything I watched, because I thought all of them were extraordinary.  But the one that I can't get off my mind is Blackfish.  In fact, I'm making Luke watch it with me again tonight.  It was absolutely horrifying.  Just looking at the pictures gives me chills.

Parks and Recreation
In order to give my brain a little break from all the documentaries I was consuming, I also gave Parks and Rec a second try, as I'd heard that it gets better after the first season.  And everyone who told me that wins a hundred friend points, because YES!  It gets so much better.  So I'm going back and forth between Parks and Rec binges and documentary binges.  It feels right.

How about you, Reader Friends?  What's making you happy this week?

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  1. It was 14 below here in Ohio with wind chill factors taking it lower. Then, just when it was approaching zero, the power went out for a while. Despite the fireplace, it got chilly. Just the way it can be further north. Every location has its benefit and minuses.

    My happiness came with getting the proofing of one of my books being produced in audio form finished. One thing off my plate...just a dozen others there, but that's okay.

    Also, it's good to sometimes do very little for a short stint. It can be energizing in the long run.