Monday, February 3, 2014

Book Club Field Trip!

First of all, I must start this post by thanking Alaina and everyone else at William Morrow who made this our best (and first) book club field trip ever!  Last week I posted about our experience discussing the book and this week we were sent to see the movie.  I, once again, totally failed at taking pictures of the event, but this time I blame my sister, who was running late.  Because of her, we didn't get in the theater until the previews had started, at which point anyone taking pictures would deserve to be shanked.  So let it be known, my lack of pictures is 100% Sugar Bear's fault (except the part where I could have taken pictures after but forgot) and, as an older sister, I am legally required to shame her publicly.  

Anyway, the movie.  Like the book, we came away with mixed feelings.  Except about this scene, which we all agreed was a bit creepy.  All the sexual tension with the little boy's hands mixed in was just awkward.

Some of us liked it (the same some who enjoyed the book the most) and some of us didn't (the same some who didn't love the book).  What we all agreed on, while having dessert and drinks after the movie, was that the experience was a blast.  And our discussion was actually really great.  The mixed reactions provided really good conversation.  Personally, I started off on the "not so great" team but was then somewhat persuaded by the "it was awesome" team.  I love when good conversation can change the way you experience a book or a movie.

Big time thank you again to Alaina and William Morrow for making this experience an absolute blast!  I think we're going to need more book club field trips in the future.

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