Thursday, January 2, 2014

Reading Goals for 2014

Last year I set quite a few reading goals and didn't really live up to many of them.  I reached (and passed) my number goal of 135, but I didn't succeed in any of the others.  Because of that, I'm only setting two real goals for myself this year, but all of my reading is going to follow one major rule.  Every single book I read.  My theme for the year, the rule I'm going to follow is:

Read Whatever I Want. 

Period.  Whatever I want to read.  I'm not going to read anything on a deadline, except for a very few select reviews through TLC.  I'm not accepting books for review.  I'm going to purposefully avoid NetGalley and Edelweiss and not take on anything that I'm not interested in.  I'll be reading from my shelves and from my Goodreads list and I won't be taking on any "risky" books.  Like last year, the majority of my mediocre reads this year were review copies (see my stats post tomorrow for more details).  So this year, I'm turning it way down.  Like I said, it's my year of reading whatever I want.  I'm super excited about the freedom to read without any pressure.  

As far as my other two goals are concerned...

1) Read 150 books.  I made it to 150 without really even trying this year, so I'm going to go ahead and set it as my goal for this year.  It's not too much of a stretch, but I had more than exceeded my goal of 135 by early November, so this will hopefully be more of a challenge.

2) I'm re-attempting my goal of reading serendipitously this year.  Once a month I want to read a book that I found through browsing, either at the bookstore or at the library.  That's only 12 books a year.  The only rule is that it can't be something I put on hold or knew I wanted to read.  It's got to be something I find while walking the aisles.

And there you have it, Reader Friends: my reading rule and goals for 2014.  Are any of you setting any goals for the year?


  1. I only set a number goal, and this year I am aiming for 100 again. I read 130 books in 2012, but that is an exceptional year for me

  2. Wait, it's 2014 now, right? Yeah, I read 130 books in 2013. Day two of the new year, and I am already confused!

  3. I love randomly finding books at the library! I'm aiming for 52 books and trying to do a challenge of reading 12 books ive had on my shelf for over a year.