Monday, January 27, 2014

Labor Day Book Club Discussion

This month my book club was lucky enough to be chosen to read and screen the book and movie versions of Labor Day by Joyce Maynard.  We threw in an extra book club meeting to discuss the book and next week we'll be going as a group to see the movie.  We were all pretty thrilled at the chance for extra book and movie time, and our meeting was definitely epic.

To celebrate the book, we all brought Labor Day-themed treats: potato salad, chips and dip, glass bottles of Coke, and hamburgers.  After discussing the book, we finished up with a peach apple cobbler (close enough).  Were I a better host, I would have taken more pictures, but I was way too busy enjoying myself and stuffing my face to spend lots of time documenting our delicious spread.

As far as our discussion went, it was a stimulating night.  Some of us liked the book.  Others were on the fence.  And some just flat out didn't like it.   Our discussion ranged from the way parenting is portrayed in the book to the sex and romance (and the awkwardness of our narrator's puberty).  We used the discussion guide that was included in the back of the book and it provided a great range of topics - not that we needed much prompting as we all had strong opinions.
Saturday we've got plans to meet up to see the movie.  I think we're all interested in seeing how the romance between Adele and Frank will be portrayed in the movie and if we'll still be getting the story from Henry's perspective.  One thing we agreed on is that we didn't necessarily pick up on the "sexy" vibe that the book's blurb described.  We'll all be interested to see how that angle is shown on film.

Thank you so much to Harper Collins for providing us with copies of the book and tickets to the movie, as well as some snack money!  Be looking for my movie post early next week!


  1. First: best book club snacks ever!!
    I like that you reviewed this from a book club perspective, giving all the various opinions. I really want to read this before I see the movie, and as always, I'm expecting the film version to be so very different than the book...

  2. My book club is reading this for February. I'm hoping the movie will still be playing after we meet!