Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Recap in Statistics

Books Read in 2013: 150
Pages Read in 2012: 45,877
Worst Reading Month: June (read 6 books)
Best Reading Month: October (read 16 books)

In these, I use the Barnes and Noble website's current price listing for the format in which I read the book.  I count any books I purchased in 2013 towards the "amount spent" but I do not count any books purchased prior to 2013.  I've also added the $50 yearly membership fee for the Free Library of Philadelphia to my "spent on books" total.

Retail cost of books I read: $2160.13
Amount I spent on books I read: $85.19
Amount I saved by reading books I bought in previous years, review copies, and library copies: $2074.94 I've shocked even myself with that one!

Paperbacks: 39
Hardbacks: 19
Ebooks: 64
Audio: 28

Interestingly enough, this year I read more ebooks than print books (hardback and paperback combined).

Review copy from publisher/publicist: 12
Purchased in 2013: 6
Gifted: 5
Already owned: 7
NetGalley: 21
Edelweiss: 2
Borrowed: 2
Free Library of Philadelphia: 55
Review copy from TLC tours: 19

An overwhelming majority of my books read this year came from FLP - which means the $50 I spent on my membership has been totally worth it.

How about you, Reader Friends?  Anyone have reading statistics to share?


  1. No, no specific statistics to share, that are exact, except to say that I read far more pages in essays and assignments than I did in books.

  2. I haven't kept stats before but have considered reviewing the savings as you did, wowsa, amazing to see right.

    I know I read more ebooks than hard or soft cover though. I think I read faster too, lol, may be all in my head.

    I must have missed that you listen to audiobooks.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I feel like I read faster on ebook too, but I worry that that means I'm retaining less. I try to check myself frequently and make sure I'm not skimming, but it's worried me ever since I read a study about how much more likely we are to skim in ebook format.

  3. I read 61 books from the FLP, and since I live in PA, my membership is free! I love that!

    In addition, I read 58 Nook Books, so that is a total of 119 of my 130 book that were read as ebooks!

    1. FLP was totally my favorite in 2013 - and hopefully in 2014 as well! I love their digital collection.