Friday, December 20, 2013

Biggest Disappointments of 2013

I'm not sure what it says about my spirit of Christmas peace and cheer, but I am as interested, if not more interested, in what people read and hated in 2013 as I am in what they loved.  Because of that interest, I am pleased to bring you the books that I found most disappointing in 2013.

This one was on track to be one of my favorites of the year, until the last fifty pages.  Rarely do I let the ending of a story ruin a book for me, but this one was particularly awful.  It completely undid all of the character development of the first half of the book and made no sense in conjunction with the rest of the story.

I read and loved another of Phillips' books in this same series earlier in the year, so I was totally let down when this one proved to be poorly written, tasteless, and somewhat offensive in terms of content.  I still can't get over how much I didn't like the main characters and the unreported and largely unremarked upon sexual harassment of the female main character, including a near rape, did me in.  Not sure I'll try the author again.

One of the longest reviews I wrote this year, largely because there were so many thing I disliked about this book.  The writing was awful, it dragged on and on, and had some fairly racist/sexist connotations.  I will DEFINITELY not be trying this author again, which is a shame because his premise (a virtual reality for training armed forces that is populated by the most nefarious criminals in history) is actually really interesting.

Another giant disappointment.  I've had this on my list for years, and once I got my GA Pines library card I was pleased to find it readily available through my system.  Unfortunately, the book itself was a letdown.  I didn't think the writing was anywhere nearly as exceptional as it is billed, and I didn't see any real point to the story.  I could get past the loads of violence if I felt like it happened for a reason or made any sense, but it seemed to just be there for the sake of being there.  Sure that might make it edgy, but it doesn't make it good.

Yawn.  Not a good way to describe a thriller, but there you have it.  Just so boring and unremarkable in every way.  Honestly, I'd be hard pressed to give you a summary or even tell you who dunnit because it was so un-memorable.

I was super excited to read this one with Luke.  We were both in the mood for some high fantasy, and this seemed to fit the same mold as some others we've really enjoyed - The Seven Realms Series, Mistborn, etc.  Unfortunately it really fell flat.  I had a hard time pushing through the whole thing and there were so many major inconsistencies in the book that I got frustrated reading it easily.  Not a terrible read, but a letdown given our high expectations.  We intended to do a joint review, but gave up the idea because neither of us had any strong feelings or interest in it at all.

Another ARC that I had super high hopes for and was let down by.  This one, like some of the others, wasn't terrible, but I felt like the premise was more exciting and entertaining than the actual book turned out to be.  It's the story of a high schooler who goes to an expensive prep school on scholarship.  For spending money, she babysits children (and sometimes other teens) from her school and cures them over the sins while she's at it.  Each chapter tackles one of the seven deadly sins.  Sounds fun, right?  Unfortunately it was just so-so and the ending was downright awful.

This is the one that may get rotten tomatoes thrown at me.  The vast majority of the readers I trust loved this book and have raved about it.  I, however, just thought it was ok.  I found his writing to be fine, but I felt like the story dragged.  It just wasn't at all what I was expecting, which was amazing.  I felt like I got "just ok" out of it.  So while it's definitely not one of the worst books I've read all year, it was the most disappointing in terms of how much I expected to love it and how little I actually did.

And now it's your turn.  Throw tomatoes, tell me I'm wrong, or chime in with your least favorites!


  1. Ohhhh no, Cover of Snow is on my list. I have seen mixed reviews but I should listen to my trusty bloggers. Hmmmm

  2. I hate to admit I judge covers and just by covers I agree with you ha. I hate reading books that are highly hyped because they usually end up stinkin'.

  3. I love that you posted this kind of list. It is just as helpful as the Best of lists!!