Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Best YA and Middle Grade Fiction of 2013

Middle Grade 

While I've ranted on my other lists about Jim Dale's reading of Harry Potter, this was actually my introduction to him as a narrator.  It's an amazing fantasy that made me wonder why I read so few middle grade books. 

A classic that has been on my list to get around to forever.  I got the chance with this beautifully illustrated edition and I'm so glad I did.  It's a beautiful book and one that I'll be keeping around for when I've got kids to read it to - or when George gets old enough to enjoy it.

I knocked this one out over the course of just a few hours this weekend in order to be ready for my local Forever Young Adult book club meeting and was blown away.  It was my favorite that we've read this year, and inspired an epic three hour discussion.

So much amazing in this one.  I absolutely fell in love and was completely caught up in the story and left with so many emotions.  It cemented Rowell as one of my favorite authors.  Seriously, if you haven't read it yet, you must.

I talked in my review, and I've seen others say the same, about how misleading this cover is.  The book is actually a really unique historical fiction about a girl who was abducted and then returned to her family, but mutilated and unable to communicate.  It's done in a stream of consciousness style that isn't the typical YA fare and, of course, the historical setting was definitely unique as well.  Loved it.  Don't let the cover turn you off.

My favorite guilty pleasure read of the year.  Although I wasn't as impressed with the follow up novel, Losing Hope, Hopeless swept me off my feet.  So romantic and completely captivating - if you can get past some of the less than believable plot aspects.  I mean, it is totally a guilty pleasure - but such a good one.

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  1. Rainbow Rowell is becoming many readers favourite new author. I did enjoy Attachments and want to read her others.