Friday, December 6, 2013

Best Adult Fiction of 2013

The first book we read for the IRL book club I started with a few friends this fall and I absolutely fell in love with it.  The characters blew me away and I loved the unique way the author addresses mental illness.  I thought it was an original story, beautifully told.

Another book club read, this one for the Sony Reader Club.  It took me forever to get through it, but it was so rewarding, the time investment was worth it.  I particularly loved the setting, which felt like its own character - and the fact that it's set near where I live and was so familiar to me didn't hurt either.

The story of two sisters who have a terrible secret - they've buried their parents in the garden behind their house.  They are desperate to make sure no one finds out, but their neighbor seems to suspect something is up.  It's dark, but also has a sense of humor.  And the characters are amazing.

The main attraction in Flora is the beautiful writing.  The plot unfolds slowly, but that doesn't mean that the story drags.  I can't rave enough about the author's ability to use beautiful words and keep the reader enthralled by characterization and setting.  Another benefit, like Flight Behavior, is that the book was set in Oak Ridge, which is near where I live.

This winding family drama centers around a wedding and brings together three adult children and their parents, all of whom are harboring deeply rooted secrets.  It's exactly what you want in a family drama.  The plot moves quickly and we get to see events unfold from the viewpoints of multiple narrators.  Beautifully done.

Maybe my favorite work of fiction this year.  I loved it and can't rave about it enough.  It starts off innocently enough, with two couples out to dinner, but we quickly learn that their reasons for being at the dinner are sinister and much more complex than they initially seem.  It's just amazingly done.  The complexity that is slowly revealed from each character blew my mind.  

So now it's your turn, Reader Friends.  What adult fiction titles do I need to be sure to pick up during 2014?


  1. Well you know I already loved The Dinner, but Death of Bees is on my To Read in 2014 list!!

    1. Yay! Let me know what you think when you finish!

  2. I haven't heard of some of these. The Dinner is on my TBR list, need to go read your review.

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  4. I read at least half of We Are Water recently on vacation and found myself equally drawn to the story as I was annoyed by the characters, lol. I need to get back to this one! And The dinner... It's received such mixed reviews but I really trust your opinion! I may need to reconsider that one.