Monday, October 14, 2013

Book Review: Help Thanks Wow by Anne Lamott

This is a short, journal-style look at what Lamott terms the three essential prayers: help, thanks, and wow.  She delivers 25-30 pages on each prayer, its importance in general, and its specific importance in her life.  It found its way into my library stack at a time when I needed a little bit of extra encouragement and I found just that in its pages.

I love Lamott's style.  She writes like she's talking to you, and not in a forced or condescending way.  She's so open about her emotions and struggles that it's impossible not to relate to her.  That same openness also contributes to a feeling of humility as your read her work.  Another benefit to this one is that each essay is short enough to read in less than half an hour, making for a great devotional moment during your day, if you like such things.

Again, the book flows so well and is so accessible, I think it will appeal to a wide variety of people, and not just a wide variety of readers.  It'll also appeal to people at various places of spirituality and belief.  It's not just written for evangelical Christians, it's something that applies to anyone with a belief in God, or, as Lamott says, a "higher power."

I was thrilled to have picked it up from the library on a whim and I'll definitely purchase a copy for my collection at some point.

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  1. This was the first Anne Lamott book I have ever read, and I really liked it. As you know, I have been on my journey of self-discovery for a while now, and this was a great read for me. I don't necessarily spend a lot of time in conscious prayer, and this kind of showed me that prayer is about more than, "Dear God. Please do the following for me. Thank you for these things you have given me. Please watch over my loved ones. Amen." It can be those moments of awe or those times we cry out for guidance or the times we feel profound gratitude as well.