Thursday, October 31, 2013

Audiobook Review: Angry Conversations With God by Susan E. Isaacs

When Susan E. Issacs hits her midlife crisis, she's had enough.  She's angry with God and she doesn't want to be - so she takes herself to couples counseling.  Sitting down with a therapist, she imagines what she would say and how God would respond to her anger during resulting from years of struggle leading up to this ultimate mid-life crisis.  The subtitle: "Snarky but Authentic" perfectly sums up the tone of the book.

Thoroughly enjoyable.  I enjoy a bit of snark, and in this book it's combined with spiritual authenticity in a really touching way.  Isaacs is mad at God and she doesn't try to hide it.  In exploring her anger and the history of her spiritual life, she uncovers great spiritual truth.  There's a lot to be said for voicing your feelings about God, even if they're negative, and letting that authenticity lead you to new understanding.  Isaacs does this well.

Entertainment Value
As previously mentioned, I loved the overall tone of the book.  I felt like the author really opened up and was honest with her feelings, which made for a fascinating and touching read.  I liked that the story reflected the many ups and downs of the author's relationship with God - it felt real.

The author narrates the book and does a great job.  She's an actress and her skills show.

It's a great read.  If you're interested in honest and frank spiritual memoirs that retain a sense of humor, this is your book!

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