Thursday, September 26, 2013

Banned Books Week (and bookmark giveaway)

I've done posts in the past during the ALA's Banned Books Week describing how I wish the terminology surrounding banned books would change, due to the fact that using incorrect language just gives those who wish to censor books a foothold for argument.  You can click here and click here to read why I think semantics matter.  However, this year was my first experience in a library that actually has challenged books to use in creating a display (I worked for a technical school library before that did not include fiction).  I had some supply and time constraints, but I wanted to share the display I came up with, so all of you can oooh and aah over me the meaningful contribution to discussion.

I started by making my own bookmarks.  My original idea was to use book cover images, but I had a hard time finding any in public domain, and, while I doubt the publishers would mind, I decided to stick with non-copyrighted images.  Each bookmark has the title of a challenged book along with the reasons the book was challenged.

Then I made a display sign that I hoped would be attention-grabbing.

And printed up a card for each book with the reasons it has been challenged.

Then set it all out for students to see.  

Ok, so it's not going to wind up on Pintrest or the cover of any library publications, but I think I did just fine for the time and budget constraints.  Not all of my bookmarks have been taken, so I'm going to offer one up to one of my readers.  If you're interested in winning a bookmark, just leave a comment with your email address and I'll choose at random and mail one to the winner!


  1. Nice job! :)
    Our children's department did a similar display with the caution-tape theme.

  2. I would love a bookmark!

  3. Nice job! I was at our library today but didn't see anything - sad.
    I never even thought about Twilight being challenged - makes sense though, well as much as challenging a book can make sense.
    I want a bookmark!