Thursday, August 29, 2013

Reader Contribution Time: Book Clubs

I am so excited to say that I have FINALLY gotten up the gumption to start a local book club with some friends.  I've been looking for one for a while, and hadn't had any luck in finding one.  A post on Facebook helped me hook up with some local friends with similar interests and, long story short, we're starting a book club!

This is my first time to participate in a real-life book club, so I'm anxious for advice.  What would you say to someone getting ready for their first book club?  What are some good dos and don'ts?  And, of course, what are your best book club recommendations?


  1. Good for you! I went a long time thinking I should find a book club, and then fell into two. It's a wonderful way to socialize with people who love the same thing I do. Enjoy!

  2. Good for you! I started a book club last year and I love it! We're pretty relaxed - I don't think we've had a book that every lady has read and only two of us have actually read every book - but it's so much fun. We meet monthly and everyone brings food and/or wine to share. It never lasts less than 3 hours and we've had some great discussions. Our favorites so far have been The Night Circus, Me Before You and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

  3. My friend and I started a book club a few months ago and were able to get a few other friends to join. So far it is so much fun! I would recommend bringing along some discussion questions/topics you really want to discuss from the book, at least as a starting point. Not everyone in my club knows everyone else well, so having a specific couple of questions to start off breaks the ice and gets everyone talking :) Have fun!!

  4. You will enjoy your book group. Mine has been together for 8 years now. We chose books in August-- everyone pitches a book that they have read and we vote. We rotate who hosts and we eat a meal or a dessert together (the host decides the menu). The discussion leader (whoever pitches the book leads the discussion) starts the discussion but it is almost always lively. Sometimes the books I like the least are my favorite discussions.

  5. This sounds pretty similar to how I started my book club just over a year ago. Though the people within the group have shifted over time, we've kind of settled in over the past few months and now it feels like a really solid, good thing.

    I'd say the best thing is to decide from the beginning what type of group you want to be. Mine is really laid back, totally won't kick you out if you didn't read the book, doesn't mind if the topic strays, etc. But I've heard of some groups that are much more focused.

    I think it's all about feeling out the people that you're getting together, picking a book that can reach a wide audience to start and using that first gathering to see where everyone wants to go next.