Monday, August 26, 2013

Book Review: Dad Is Fat by Jim Gaffigan

Jim Gaffigan isn't your typical New York comic.  For one thing, his humor is, for the most part clean.  He's a devoted husband who works closely with his wife.  And he has five young children in a two bedroom apartment.  Normally I don't do the whole parenthood humor, because, you know, no kids, but I kept hearing about this book and I'm so glad I decided to give it a chance.  I'll evaluate it like all humor, with writing and entertainment value together.

Basically, this book is hilarious.  I suspect that if I had young kids I would multiply that hilarity exponentially, but I think Gaffigan does a great job of appealing to the non-parents as well as those with kids.  His book is about being a father and most of his humor revolves around his children, so it may not be the best book for everyone.  However, I found his stories and sense of humor transcended my lack of parenting knowledge.

Obviously, this is an ideal choice for parents, especially parents of young children.  I think it will also appeal to those who have enjoyed humorous celebrity memoirs along the lines of Bossypants and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?  For the record, I rank it as less funny than Bossypants but more funny than Mindy Kaling's book.  I think it will also appeal to those who are interested in a less crude, more clean type of humor.  If you find yourself looking for un-offensive comedians, you should definitely check out Gaffigan.

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  1. I really enjoy his standup humor. Never thought about getting one of his books until now. Thanks!