Thursday, August 8, 2013

Audiobook Review: Dear Life by Alice Munro

Dear Life is legendary short story author Munro's second book since her announced retirement in 2006.  I love how so many authors retire but just can't seem to stop writing.  It shows so clearly how reading and writing are passions, not just jobs.  This collection is unified by its setting, the Canadian portion of Lake Huron, for which the author is well known.

Impressive, but would you expect anything less?  Munro is renowned for her short stories, and this collection is no exception.  Her character development, given that she is writing in short form, is nothing short of amazing.  This was the highlight of her writing for me.

Entertainment Value
As impressed as I was with the quality of Munro's writing, I have to say that I was less entertained than I had hoped to be.  The quality of the stories is highly literary - almost stereotypically literary in that plot takes a second place to setting and characterization.  Because of that, some of the stories dragged for me.

While I appreciated the quality of the writing and the character development in particular, I wasn't really compelled to continue reading.  I found several of the stories dragged for me, although others were certainly enjoyable.  I think it's going to mainly appeal to those who enjoy literary fiction at its most literary and for hard core fans of the short story form.

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