Monday, April 8, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To the Theater

Just kidding.  A funny thing happened when I was already INSIDE the theater.  It's a long story, but I have actual photographic evidence that it really happened, which I will share at the end.

For quite a while Luke and I have been fairly obsessive listeners to This American Life, a radio program broadcast from NPR and hosted by Ira Glass.  We got started on it a few years ago when it was made into a tv show, but since then have made it a mission to listen to all of the episodes, which are, by the way, available free on the website.  And Ira Glass has become something of a family hero.

So when we found out he was scheduled to give a free lecture at a historic local theater , we knew we'd be there.  After our Sunday lunch with family, we headed over about two hours early to make sure we got in.  Since tickets weren't being sold, we knew we needed to get there early to make sure we got good seats.

Once we arrived and found some (great) seats, we met up with a friend (Hey Ben!) and then sat down to read while we waited.  His and her e-readers FTW! (this is not the promised photographic evidence).

But before I got my book out, I tweeted about how excited I was to be seeing Ira Glass live.  And this is where the power of the internet is revealed.  A few seconds later I got a tweet back from a friend who lives in L.A.  She told me that she had just seen a tweet from Stephanie Perkins (yep, the author of Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door - two of my favorite books) that said she was also seeing Ira Glass.

I started looking around and suddenly realized she was directly in front of me, three rows up.  The whole time I'm grabbing Luke and gushing.  And he finally convinced me to send her a tweet and say I'm a fan and was also in the audience.  (PS: I feel like I should tell you that all of this happened before the show started - I would NEVER interrupt Ira Glass with Twitter, even to fangirl over an author).  So a tweet was sent and then she responded and said I should come and say hello!

There were another ten or fifteen minutes of me wavering at the prospect of approaching an author and gushing, so I texted the Nesties for support.  Luke had long since lost interest in the entire thing and was refusing to angst about it with me.  With the support of my Nestie Besties, I went over and said hi and we had a whole conversation!

I can't go into the details because she revealed all of her personal writing secrets and then gave me a signed copy of the Isla manuscript.

Ok, ok, that part is a lie.  But we chatted about authors and readers and the relationship between the two and librarianship and where we live and it was so fun.  She was super sweet and personable and genuinely interested in chatting with a fan, which was really nice.  And, finally, I give you photographic evidence:

That's right - even though Luke was totally bored by my angst over whether or not to talk to her, he did me a solid and took a picture while we were talking because he knew that my author-stalking heart would be blessed.