Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Belated Book Birthday: A Shot of Sultry by Macy Beckett

I'm not going to review this one because the author is actually a friend of mine - a Nestie in fact.  My policy in regards to Nestie authors is that I don't do critical reviews.  I'd be biased, obviously, because I love them, and I'd never critique a friend's work unasked or in public.  So that explains the lack of critical review on this one and also gives you a heads up that I may be a bit biased in my love for this book.

With that said, you must read A Shot of Sultry!  Ok, so you probably remember when I raved about Macy's first book, Sultry With A Twist, and that I raved about it endlessly.  And I have to say that I think A Shot of Sultry is even better.  This time we're taking a look at Luke Gallagher's best friend Trey and his romance with Luke's long-lost sister Bobbi.  I love that we got to know characters introduced in the first book in a new way and that Luke and Mae June had cameos, but mainly Trey just killed me.  

These books are the perfect blend of sweet and, well, sultry, and the characters are the icing on the cake.  I'm so privileged to know the author and I'm thrilled that I do because, as I've mentioned before, I'm not the typical romance reader.  This series wouldn't normally be on my radar, but they are seriously delightful reads.  They're not your  stereotypical bodice-ripper romance - they're sweet and heartfelt and character-driven.  I highly recommend picking the series up - and I am waiting anxiously for the third book!

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