Monday, March 11, 2013

Audiobook Review: Long Gone by Alafair Burke

Alice Humphrey has lived a privileged life as the daughter of a world-famous filmmaker.  However, when she asks her father to stop supporting her and allow her to live on her own, she realizes that real life is harder than she imagines.  So when she is approached with an offer to manage a brand-new art gallery, she overlooks the concerns of friends and family and eagerly accepts.  It seems like a dream job until one morning when she unlocks the doors to discover the body of her benefactor and an otherwise empty art gallery.  She  becomes the number one suspect when the police discover that not only is the man's identity not who Alice claims, but the artist who art had been hanging in the gallery seems non-existent.  Alice knows it's all a set up and sets out to prove her innocence.

Fine.  Not exceptionally good or exceptionally poor.  Much more coincidence than I like in a thriller.  Also, I felt like it was longer than necessary.  I could have done with less detail and fewer plot trails and irrelevant story lines.

Entertainment Value
This made up for the problems I had with the writing to some degree.  Even though I felt like the coincidences were distracting, they still made for an interesting story.  It did all fit together like a puzzle in the end and there were some moments that shocked me.  The main problem is that I didn't really care about the characters.  The story itself was interesting enough and kept me going even though the slower portions of the story.

Ok.  Nothing to write home (or on my blog) about.  Not bad though.

If you're really into the genre, I'd give it a try.  Otherwise, I think there are better books for dipping your toes into the thriller pool.

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  1. Hmmm, this is an author I have wanted to try. I trust your judgement so will put on my one day shelf.

    I appreciate your honest opinion.