Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sony Reader Fancypants Trip to LA

I mentioned a while ago on here that I was blessed to be a part of Sony Reader's VIP Book Club group.  Each of us received a Sony Reader, a copy of each book for the first four months of the program, and a trip to LA, where we met Michael Connelly author of February's book club selection The Black Box.  Above you can see a picture of the whole group (aside: WHY DID I WEAR HORIZONTAL STRIPES?????)

I should go ahead and mention now that I am horrible at taking pictures of fun times.  I'm way too busy experiencing said fun times to get my camera or phone out and photograph them.  So this post will sadly not be picture heavy.

I was super nervous about the trip.  I am not ashamed to say that I am travel-phobic and that I am a small town girl.  I don't like crowds and big cities and airports and fancy stuff.  I like jeans and my dogs and not wearing pants for entire weekends.  Also, Luke wasn't able to travel with me, so I had to do the whole thing totally alone.  No one there to put my carry on in the rack for me or explain the ticket or tip the driver.  But, Reader Friends, I did it.  I got on that plane and I carried my own luggage, and I met people.  Go me!

Friday I spent all day on various planes and in airports and arrived in plenty of time for our welcome reception and dinner.  I got to meet the other readers and bloggers and was relieved to discover that many of them were also totally overwhelmed by the existence of LA and the super posh hotel we were staying in (the SLS in Beverly Hills if you were wondering).  We did a murder mystery theater thing during dinner and my team won (yay The Various!).  Also, dinner was super fancy and delicious.  I'm 90% sure we had Cornish hen.  Also fingerling potatoes and some kind of sprout salad that I actually really liked.

Saturday I woke up at a decent time and got breakfast at Toast with my Nestie friends Jen and Joyce.  Then I had lunch with the other Sony VIPs (another delicious meal - pasta and some kind of flank steak, I think?  Guess who isn't a foodie?  Hint: it's me - I mentioned being small town, right?).  Then we had our discussion with Michael Connelly.  I'm not a huge bestselling-thriller-cop-mystery reader, but I really enjoyed the discussion with Connelly.  He seemed to be really focused on what his readers and what will appeal to him.  As a reader, I always appreciate that.

That was the end of our Sony responsibilities, so I took a short nap and then headed out to dinner with the West Coast Nesties.  We went to a place in West Hollywood (man, I feel fancy saying that) called Cleo's.  It was dimly lit and club music was playing and it was VERY cool.  Which is why I'm SO glad that I dressed like a Mema.  See the old lady in the middle?  That's me.  I made some poor wardrobe choices this weekend but WHATEV.  I rode on a plane ALONE and MET PEOPLE.  Focus instead on my beautiful friends, Jen, Joyce, Jessica, and Tameka.  Also, I learned that I love Mediterranean food.  We had brussels sprouts (which I shockingly loved), flatbread, beef kabobs, lamb sliders, and some amazing desserts.

Then on Sunday morning, before my miserable trek back to precious Ringgold, I went to a Turkish diner with some new blogger friends.  I had scrambled eggs with fresh feta and this delicious Turkish coffee-ice-chocolate blended drink that spoiled Starbucks for me forever - or at least until I got to the airport a few hours later.

And there you have it, Reader Friends.  My fancypants trip to LA.  I had all kinds of firsts: my first check in at an airport alone, my first time in CA, my first stay in a luxury hotel (EVERYTHING was mirrored - conclusion: rich, beautiful people like to look at themselves), my first trip in a taxi, my first trip where I was met at an airport by a driver holding a sign with my name on it, my first time meeting bloggers who aren't Nesties, and my first time meeting Jen and Joyce and Jessica.  It was an incredible trip and I was so thankful to be part of it.  


  1. This whole post made me smile! I'm sooo glad that you such a wonderful weekend, and I'm super jealous that you got to hang out with such fab women!

  2. I'm so proud of you!!
    And you do not look like an old lady in that picture. I think you look great!
    Glad you had such a great time.

  3. Wow! What a wonderful trip! Sounds fab! I've never been to LA, so I'd be nervous and excited about going, too :) I've heard of the SLS hotel, only because Khloe and Lamar lived there (yes, I watch the Kardashians! - LOL!). And I've heard of Toast (probably from The Hills - I watched that, too). Anyhow, everything sounds awesome and I think its so cool you met other bloggers and you all look glam in your photos ;) Thanks for sharing about your fantastic trip!

  4. I am so glad I got to meet you and spend time together that weekend! Hoping to meet you again one day. I sacked out in my mirrored room (which I hated by the way) I totally do not like to look at myself! LOL

    Thanks for sharing your fun post :)

  5. That is so awesome Julie!! I love it. I'm totally proud of you too. PS, you wore horizontal stripes so I could pick you out better without my glasses and that jacket is kind of awesome. Why did I love the wardrobe comments so much?!
    It sounds like it was tons of fun! What a grown up you are :) ... wish I could go by myself to LA... crazy and awesome.
    Love you!

  6. I'm so glad you had a fun time! I hate that I didn't get to spend more time with you while you were here!!!

  7. Glad you had fun in my city! I love L.A--come back for another visit with the hubs sometime. Lots of fun things to do here.