Thursday, December 20, 2012

Worst Books of 2012

Yes that's right.  I'm doing a worst books I read this year post.  I found something to appreciate about almost all of the books I read this year, but a couple deserve special recognition for totally letting me down.

Lots of people I know, including Bestie, loved this book, but I was just bored.

Another book that has pretty good reviews over-all on Goodreads but was not for me.  Bonus points and my sincere respect for the author who was gracious and kind after some of her fans flipped out on me.

Ugh.  It was boring, but worse, it used a word I find appalling in a "funny" way.  I expect better.

I heard comparisons to Anna and the French Kiss.  I can only agree if you remove all the romance from the book, substitute abusive behavior and control, and make the characters all super trashy.

Listened to it on audio.  I think my teenage self would have been like "yeah, screw the man".  And my adult self is like "you stupid kids, get off my lawn."

Not Yet Reviewed
Too much "I know something you don't know" from the author.  The reveal was really obvious and so very slow.  I also didn't like the characters.

Not Yet Reviewed
Everyone in this book was so very unlikable.  I hated the main character.

There you have it: the books that let me down in a big way this year.  What about you?


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that didn't like Cinder. I couldn't even finish it.

  2. It's funny you put CINDER on here because doing the YA Superlatives blogfest, there was a LOT of CINDER love and I remember someone saying they didn't like it and couldn't remember if it was you or not.

  3. Oh man, I loved Cinder and The Maze Runner - but I've seen lots of people who didn't like it too. And I'm also not a fan of the cover for Cinder.

    Tanya Patrice