Monday, December 17, 2012

Best Faith-Related Literature of 2012

Originally I had intended this post to be my summary of Best YA Fiction of 2012.  But then I realized that all of my best YA books were also covered in Fantasy and Audiobooks with the exception of one.  I'll include that one in my best fiction section.  Since a free day opened up, I thought I'd devote a list to the best Faith-Based books I read this year, since I had some amazing ones.

Memoir of two college students who take a year off of school to travel major metropolitan areas of the United States and live as if they were homeless.  An amazing examination of how the church is succeeding and failing in caring for the poor.

Francis Chan is an author I've been meaning to read for years.  This year I was lucky enough to catch the Easter gift of all three of these books from Barnes and Noble, which was just the push I needed.  I'm so glad I gave him a try, too.  Crazy Love is his first book and focuses on what God's love means for Christians.  Bonus: the ebook version has hyperlinks to videos and extra materials.

A really great examination of what the Bible, as opposed to denomination or tradition, has to say about the Holy Spirit.

A Scripture-based look at giving yourself the same grace you give others.  It's all about learning to balance your giving to others with treating yourself the way Christ would treat you.  I made some big life changes based on what I learned in this one.

Not Yet Reviewed
This one is a bit dated, but is so remarkably timely due to recent current events.  It's about how secular humanism, plurality, and privatization of morality have impacted our culture and will impact our children in the future.

In addition, I have to say that Ravi Zacharias is the best discovery I made this year.  I have spent HOURS listening to the archived messages from his radio program Let My People Think.  The man is a brilliant scholar and theologian.  I have learned so very much from him and cannot recommend him highly enough.  Click here to visit his website.


  1. Have you ever read The Faith Club? It's really interesting and you may like it.

  2. Good post I love to read literature books can you tell me who is your favorite author.

    Larissa Choma