Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Best Adult Fiction of 2012

A couple of these made my audio list as well for their superb narration, but the books themselves were so amazing I couldn't leave them off this list where I can recognize them for their writing and entertainment value as well.

This probably could have also gone well as a fiction option under faith-based literature as it deals largely with, obviously issues of faith surounding a scandal within the Catholic church and the family that is affected.

I could not possibly love bad-seed type stories any more than I do, and this one was perfect.  Slow-building suspense and total creepiness, but with a literary bent.

Nothing can convince me that this epistolary novel, told in emails, is not based on me and Bestie.

Very dark and a great introduction to an author whose work I'll certainly be following in the future.  Led me to Sharp Objects, by the same author, which was also one of my favorites of this year.

Such a great read for pop culture enthusiasts, especially those devoted to the 90's, or for anyone who loves general geekery, video games, computer programming, or just an in general good puzzle.

Another more literary read.  Excellent characters and one that will make you think - and think hard - about writing and literature and what purposes they serve.

Adorable, hilarious, heartwarming, and endearing.  With a dose of amazing writing and an unforgettable narrator.

Not Yet Reviewed
This one, like Ready Player One, is a puzzle book and one that kept me guessing.  It's less focused on pop culture and video games and more focused on the world of bookselling, cryptography, and archivals.

Jackson is one of my all time favorite Southern fiction authors and this book was no different.  Like Where'd You Go, Bernadette, it features an amazing teen narrator.

Not Yet Reviewed
Do you like Downton Abbey?  If yes, go immediately to a bookstore, buy Kate Morton's books, and take them home to devour.  Each one I read becomes my new favorite.

How about you, Reader Friends?  Any great adult fiction that I've left off?


  1. I will absolutely be reading We Need to Talk About Kevin this year. In fact, I was just making a short list earlier today of books I WILL finally read this year and that was on it. I've heard too many good things not to!

    And Sweet Tooth might just have to be my second Ian McEwan book!

  2. I've read Kevin, Gone Girl, Player One and the Jackson. Really want to read Mr. Penumbra! Great list.

  3. Really good books you have here. You have encouraged me to read quite a few of them.