Friday, October 19, 2012

The Bookcases Are Back!

I had planned to do a vlog of putting together my bookcases and organizing them by color vertically rather than horizontally.  I thought a tutorial would be fun, but my laptop broke, which meant I didn't have a webcam to use and I didn't want Luke filming me with the iPhone, so I decided to just do pictures.

After Luke put the shelves together, sans cat-pee-ruined portions

All the bookcases put together and in place.  Yay Smart Shelves!

Gather all books of the same color and order them in the color direction you want them to go.  Mine start with light pink, move to red, then orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.  So I started by gathering all my pinks from lightest to darkest. 

Then I started at the top, putting one or two books on each shelf, depending on how wide the books were, and moving to the right as the colors got darker.  It really helped that they were already arranged by color.  Had I not had them organized by color before, it would have taken a lot longer.

After that I just kept going from top to bottom moving the color band along as uniformly as I could.

And when I was finished I had one big rainbow, plus my Best Americans on top.  It obviously still needs a bit of work - you can see that there are some gaps, and my yellow section is particularly pitiful.  I also need to find something to put on top until I complete my Best American collection and can cover the top with those.  As of right now they look kind of lonely up there. 


  1. Very nice! I just could never not do mine in alphabetical order.

  2. I'm hoping to tackle my bookcases this weekend so I'm so glad you posted this!

    I find I don't have a whole lot of yellow books either. Strange.

  3. woooww It's retro-modern style. I want to but bookcase like this one
    But I didnt find:( How can I find...

  4. It looks SO good!

    My yellow and pink selections are by far my most pitiful.