Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Audiobook Review: If You Ask Me (And You Probably Won't) by Betty White

Can this post start with anything other than me declaring my undying love for Betty White?  Although, if you are human, you are fairly sure to agree.  How could you not love Betty White?  So obviously, on my summer spree of audiobooks of humorous essays, Betty White needed to make an appearance.  This is her latest in a string of memoirs chronicling her life and experiences, as well as her thoughts on various subjects.  Since we're dealing with humorous essays, I'll avoid the two part review and just tell you my overall opinion and thoughts on the narration.

Meh.  Oh how it pains me to type that, Reader Friends.  But it's true - the book was just ok for me.  It wasn't particularly funny, although it was pleasant and parts were inspiring and sweet and vaguely humorous.  I think my expectations really kept me from fully enjoying the book the way it was meant to be enjoyed.  Had I read anything written by White before I might have had a better idea of what to expect - and I will read her again in the future with altered expectations. 

What I expected was full blown hilarity - the kind of outrageous situations she seems to get herself into on tv.  So when Betty would start a story I would feel on the edge of my seat waiting for the punch line, only to be disappointed when the story had a very typical real-life ending.  For example: Betty gets locked out of her house in her nightrobe.  I wait for something crazy to happen, but in the end Betty's neighbor has a key, so she gets back into her house.  It's not that the stories weren't nice, they were just...typical.  It was like listening to my Mema tell me about her day.There were other stories as well - more inspirational than humorous - like the story of Betty's relationship with Koko the gorilla and her work with animals. 

Amazing - it's Betty White, obviously!  Her narration totally made the book for me.  I'd listen to her read the dictionary if she recorded it. 

This is good as a light read or a small diversion.  I don't expect that it'll be life-changing or have you rolling on the floor laughing, but it's enjoyable.  I will try more of White's books, although I won't be rushing out to get them immediately.  I think I'll enjoy them more if I go into it with more reasonable expectations.

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