Monday, September 10, 2012

Book Review: Who Made God? And Answers to Over 100 Other Tough Questions of Faith

I'm all ready to go with my DBF post, but I'm feeling moody about how I look in the pictures today AND I realized I haven't posted a book review in over a week, so I decided to hold off.  Instead I'm going to review this book about the difficult issues raised by faith - specifically Christian faith.  You can see from the cover that it is edited by my main man Ravi Zacharias.  Ravi is my hero and it is very common in my house for my sentences to start with "Ravis says..."  In fact, it's gotten to the point that anytime I say anything that could possibly be insightful, Luke automatically responds with "Did you hear that on Ravi?"  I'd be offended but usually the answer is yes.

Ravi, however, didn't really write this one.  He wrote one chapter and the other editor, Norman Giesler, wrote two (I think) chapters, but mostly they worked as editors and the chapters are compiled from other authors and theologians, who are all very qualified, but are, alas, not my Ravi.  So, I was somewhat disappointed once I got home and realized it wasn't actually Ravi writing, but the subject matter itself is still very interesting.  It answers a lot of the typical questions that are raised regarding Christianity - like the historicity of Jesus, the literal interpretation of the Bible and the divine inspiration of the Bible, the Christian response to other religions, etc. 

Very nice.  Obviously, since Ravi edited it.  No complaints about the writing style or presentation, but I will say this: it's written for those who are already Christians.  I say that because the entire book uses the Bible as evidence for backing up many of the answers to the questions addressed.  If you believe the Bible is true, then this is fine, but it doesn't answer the questions of those who are already unconvinced.  There are some historical documents and citations included, but overall the Bible/the words of Christ are used as evidence.  I think if the book is intended for those who are questioning their faith or do not already believe in the Bible, this could be problematic. 

Entertainment Value
I found it very interesting, but as I mentioned above, it's really more suited for a Christian audience who believes in the Bible as God's Word than for those who are not Christians or doubt the divine inspiration of the Bible.  I think it would be an excellent book for a small group/Bible study to go through and discuss - I've considered suggesting it to my church group.

My one crtitique for the "entertainment value" is that the book is a bit on the simple side.  Again, I think it's excellent for a small group study or for a new believer or someone who is not as secure in their faith.  But if you've grown up as a Christian and you've spent a lot of your life involved in studying the Bible and persuing further knowledge, it's probably something you've already heard.  I enjoyed it as a refresher, but it wasn't full of new insight or information that I hadn't heard in some other format before. 

Perfect book for new believers, those who want to refresh their knowledge or begin exploring issues of theology, or for a small group/discussion type Bible study.  Not really ideal for those who are already well versed in the Scripture and theology and looking for deeper reading and also not ideal for those who don't already believe the Bible is truth.

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