Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Book Hooked Tragedy

You guys recognize this little booger, right?  My sweet little old man kitty, Sly.  Sly has developed a nasty habit this year.  He's started peeing on the carpet.  At first we thought it was just the one spot in the hall.  We put up a super tall pet gate that he couldn't jump over and started cleaning out his litter box twice a day instead of just once.  Things seemed fine.  But when I came home from DBF I noticed a very distinct, unpleasant smell.  It turns out Sly had found a corner of the house that isn't frequently used and had turned it into his special secret litter box.  And had been doing so for quite a while.  Where was the secret litter box? 

That's right, Reader Friends.  Sly has been using the bottom row and back corner of my bookcase as his own personal toilet.  For quite some time.  Long enough that I had to throw away all of my black and yellow bottom row of books AND the bookcases. 

Warped, damaged bottoms of bookcases.

Ruined books.

More ruined books.

Basically, complete and total disaster.  Luke and I spent all night last night taking all of my books and knick knacks off the shelves and determining what could be kept and what had to go.  I would guess maybe 45 books total had to be tossed.  I know it's a small amount when you consider that I am approaching 1500 books in my library, but it still hurt.  A lot. 

Rescued books piled around the house.

Thankfully, Luke and I also have Smart Shelves, which fit together in interlocking pieces.  This means that instead of having to throw away the entire wall of bookcases, we only had to throw away the ruined pieces.  Luke ordered replacements for me today, so my bookcases should be up again soon, minus the yellow and black portions that had to be trashed.  This means two things:

A) I need to go book shopping to fill in my yellow and black sections


B) I'm going to have to redo my entire shelving system. 

I'm considering switching from orienting my books horizontally by color to orienting them vertically by color.  Just to switch things up.  Either way, I'm thinking this is a good opportunity to do a vlog post showing how I put my shelves together and how I arrange the books since thats a question that I'm asked a lot on here.  What do you guys think?


  1. Naughty Sly! But maybe this is an opportunity to do something creative like one of those time stop videos to make it look like the books are adding themselves to your shelves, or something neat like that.

  2. Yes! You should totally do a vlog about it. :) Oh dear Sly, if only cats cared about what people thought like dogs do. Does he seem remorseful? Ha ha!

    Love you friend!

  3. i know this response has nothing to do with your books
    but our cat spot pees when she has a UTI

  4. Oh no! Naughty Sly! I hope he gives that bad habit up soon but like Waxwings sort of got at, it might be time for a trip to the vet. When cats start changing their bathroom habits, it can be a sign of a medical issue.

  5. I'm so sorry. I don't think Sly would do something like that if he knew he was harming your books. He looks like a nice cat. He doesn't seem vindictive. I think it must be a health issue and not a character issue :)
    I know you must feel the lose of the books/shelves. It hurts me to throw out books...even damaged ones.
    Kim D from SC

  6. Awww, thank you guys for thinking of my Sly Bug's health. He's a very old kitty (17 years!) so he has bi-annual checkups to see how his liver, kidneys, and bladder/urinary tract are functioning. His last checkup was last month and they didn't find anything wrong with him that would cause incontinence other than old age and getting into the habit of using the carpet instead of his box. The vet has recommended confining him for most of the day until he gets back into the habit of using his box.

  7. Oh no. That's awful. You should post the books you lost I'm always at used book sales and would be happy to do what I can to help you rebuild.

  8. We went through the same thing with our cat. Here's what I learned over the years of dealing with this.

    The first and most important thing you MUST do is get your cat to the vet to be sure the problem isn't medical. It could very well be. This is very important. If it's a problem with the urinary tract, doing what the vet says to do should take care of the problem.

    If nothing is wrong, you're on the right track keeping his litter box clean. Determine what else he may not like about his box. Maybe you should try another type of kitty litter. Or is the box on a surface he may not like, such as plastic? Or does the litter box have an odor he doesn't like?

    Here's a trick that works for us: I try to pay attention to when she goes potty. When she does, I praise her and give her a treat. She caught on very quickly that going potty in her box is a good thing. Except now she usually waits until I get home from work to go. Then she goes, gets a treat, goes again, gets a treat, goes again, gets a treat. Smart kity, I guess.