Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Decatur Book Festival: Rethinking My Strategy

One of the things I look forward to all year long is Labor Day weekend, not just because it means Summer is finally FINALLY ending (or at least there is an end in sight), but because it means that it's time for Decatur Book Festival!

I'll get to spend the weekend hanging out with my Nestie Besties and my local Bestie AND we'll get to hear some panels and go to some signings.  Honestly, the lineup this year wasn't my favorite.  There are some great authors, but I'm really mostly just thrilled to get to see some dear friends who I don't see very often and meet some friends I haven't had the privilege of meeting in person before. 

I started off this year, as always, by stalking the website and planning out my schedule in detail the second it was released.  I even have a map.  Because that's the kind of nerd I am.  Anyway, after deciding who I wanted to see, I pulled all the books that I already own by those authors.  I decided not to buy any new books this year, because I want to make sure that my money goes back to supporting the festival and the sponsoring Indie bookstore - Little Shop of Stories.  It's one of the best bookstores I know and I decided to spend a little extra to support what they're doing.  But I did plan to bring all the books I already own.  So this is what I wound up with, just from my current collection:

I know.  I have a lot of books, what can I say?  This stack has been sitting on a stool in my bedroom all week and intimidating me.  I've been remembering all the other book festivals where I've carried multiple bags weighed down with books all over creation all day long.  And my back has paid for it every time.  I also thought about how I'm planning on doing some shopping while I'm there, which will add even more books to the pile.  And I thought about how EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to a book festival, I wind up skipping signings because I'm tired, which means I carried around 2-5 books all day for no reason, which is probably why I was so tired in the first place. 

So I've made a decision.  Even though I have all these books and it would be wonderful to have all these books signed, I'm not letting myself be an idiot this year.  I'm taking one book by each author, two anthologies, and one book to get signed for a friend.  That's it.  It means I go from 17 books to 7 books.  Reasonable right?  Especially since I'll probably buy five or so books there.  Much better for my back.  Now I just need to decide which book is my favorite from each author...

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  1. I was going to say what you ended with, choose your favourites to be signed.

    Sounds like such a fun time, that pile would have made me over the moon excited, almost anxiety like all week, lol