Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Help Me Decide!

I'm just going to apologize now for the quality of pictures you're about to be subjected to.  They were taken in poor lighting with my iphone, so we're talking really bad here.  But I desperately need advice.  During a quick trip to JoAnn for zippers (ha!  As if I could go to JoAnn and only get zippers), I picked this hideous little garden statue up for 90% off.  

It's bad, I know.  Stop judging me.  He's going to be super cute once he gets a few coats of spray paint.  And he's going to make an adorable book end.  I just need to decide what color to paint him.

Ok so in case you had forgotten, these are my bookcases.  

My question is, should I go with my standard spray paint, which is Oil Rubbed Bronze, or do you think that's going to be too dark with the dark wood and other dark knick-knacks?

For comparison, here's a pig done with ORB spray.  Isn't he cute?  It was originally hot pink marbled glass from Sugar Bear's ex-boyfriend, who I hope doesn't read this.  But I stole him out of her trash and ORB-ed him and now he's a precious, quirky, one of kind bookend right?  Right?  Have I lost my ever loving mind?

Ok, and this is Option B, Country White spray.  The candle holder in the bottom section was bought for $0.10 at a tag sale and spray painted Country White.  I'm either cute and quirky and creative or my house is filled with trash.  Or both.  But I'm going to go with cute.  Someone please pull me aside and quietly tell me my house is horrible if that's true.  Not really.  Just pretend it's awesome.

ANYWAY, what say you, Reader Friends?  Oil Rubbed Bronze or Country White?


  1. White! I think you'll lost some of his details if you go dark.

    Also I vote cute and quirky and creative - plus my house is the same way! I get it from my dad :)

  2. White. The one you painted bronze is hard to see. I love owls!

  3. I vote blue or red. Go really bright! :)

  4. I vote bright as well. I'm with Jennie!

  5. Ok, call me crazy but I kind of like the owl just the way it is :)