Thursday, July 5, 2012

Book Review: Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson

Let's Pretend This Never Happened is the memoir of the amazing blogger Jenny Lawson, who you can find at The Blogess if you've somehow missed it up until now.  There are several reasons I love Jenny, and therefore her memoir as well.  First of all she's a blogger who started out small and built a career for herself, which is pretty cool.  Also, she's outspoken about her struggles with severe depression and anxiety. 

Not only is she outspoken about those struggles, she maintains a really great sense of humor about them as well.  Not an "I'm laughing off my mental illness" kind of humor, but an "I'm not going to let these things break me" kind of humor.  I love her Depression Lies meme.  So much.  And did I mention she's hilarious?  Because she is.  So, yeah, I read her blog religiously and feel validated in my own struggles with depression and my desire to laugh at it sometimes (which can kind of freak people out I think) and I laugh at every single post.

So when her book came out, the only question was how soon I'd read it, and, of course, I couldn't hold off long and wound up putting it on my Nook and reading it immediately.

As I always say, it's hard to separate entertainment value from writing in a book that is supposed to be humorous.  If you're entertained, the book has obviously also been written in a way you appreciate.  As far as humor goes, it's hard to pick apart a writing style if you find that particular style funny.  I like her style, although others may not, but it's hard for me to critique writing for humor the same way I would for fiction or non-fiction.

Entertainment Value
I think I said it all above when I talked about how funny Lawson is.  That's basically all I was looking for in this book: funny stories about her life.  And of course she delivered.  I laughed out loud through the entire thing.  I didn't have a single moment of thinking "this isn't that funny."  Not sure how many other ways I can say hilarious, but yeah.  It was.

I highly recommend reading the book, with one caveat.  Lawson has a bit of a potty mouth.  And by "a bit" I mean she curses a lot.  If you're turned off by that, you probably won't enjoy her blog or her book.   That's the only reason I wouldn't recommend this book to someone.  Otherwise, it's hilarious and highly entertaining and totally worth reading.


  1. I got this for my birthday and can't wait to pick it up!

  2. I am writing a post about this book right now! I really loved it. I think she is hilarious. And her Beyonce and sloth anniversary presents were greatness.

  3. This is waiting in iBooks for me. Soon! Just have 3 to read before it haha

  4. She absolutely kills me. Dead.